What to do after Tutorial Island?

what to do after tutorial island runescape

Brief History of RuneScape

The popular MMORPG, Runescape, was revealed for the public on the 4th of January, 2001.

The game has been running for years and millions of people remember this game from their childhood. It is still open and running even today, showing how successful Runescape actually is. Runescape involves many different skills and activities that a player can choose from and unlike a lot of other MMORPG’s out there.

Runescape offers diversity and allows the player to branch out into different play styles. You do not have to be just a mage. You do not have to just focus on being a support member or a tank or a healer or any specific class. You can train all skills and diverse into whichever pathway you desire at the current moment.

Whether it be a Mage, Ranged, Melee, or perhaps a “skiller” and train non-combat skills such as Crafting or Herblore.

RuneScape Game Modes

Runescape offers different game modes too. Iron man is another game mode besides regular mode. Iron man is sub-categorized into a separate three game modes of Regular Iron man, Hardcore Iron man, and Ultimate Iron man.

Regular Iron Man being a mode in which the player cannot trade with other real players and also cannot use the game’s automated market place known as the “Grand Exchange”. This means the player must achieve every item in-game by themselves from scratch, adding a great level of difficulty and fun to the game.

Hardcore Iron Man follows the same rules as regular Iron man, but you only have one life until you are blocked from being tracked of your Hi-scores on the official charts. This promotes competitiveness and a sense of community in the game for hardcore players.

Ultimate Iron Man is a game mode being ranked the most difficult. It follows the same rules as regular Iron man mode; however, you cannot access a bank within the game. Meaning you are unable to deposit items in the universal banks located variously across the map.

The Tutorial Island

When a brand new account is created and logged in for the very first time, they are spawned on an island that is not accessible to existing, older players in the game. This island is called the “Tutorial Island” in which new players are taught the very basics of most of the skills and activities in the game.

This gives a sense and an idea to the player on what they are able to actually do in Runescape; hence the name, “Tutorial Island”. However, the aspect of Tutorial Island that is truly missing is what you should be doing with the skills you learn in Tutorial Island in the main lands

For example, you are taught to woodcut, you are taught to set those logs on fire and you are taught to cook food on that fire. But for what reason? What situation would you need to be in to cook all this food? That is what Tutorial Island expects you to learn on your own, making the game difficult for some and sometimes even results in players quitting because of this.

Post Tutorial Island Tips

Now that Tutorial Island is over and you are left in the mainlands to wander around yourself. You may be thinking about what you should do. To start off, gathering a cash stack is very useful as you are able to use this Runescape gold to assist you in progressing in the game.

Money is an absolute necessity in Runescape but can be quite difficult to attain in the early stages of the game. There are gold sites out there such as Probemas for players to purchase cheap gold in order to get a jump start in the game and is recommended for players to succeed in this game. Gold can be spent on armor weapons, runes, or just basic resources to train non-combat skills. It can even be used to gamble, in the duel arena where you can duel other players for money.

After you have gathered a cash stack, you are able to purchase your required items in order to proceed further into the game. You can choose a skill which you wish to start with. A recommended one is your combat skills as training these will allow you to fight stronger and better monsters deeper into the game which can drop good, expensive loot that you can sell on to the Grand Exchange.

Some players may even gain so much money to a point where they wish to sell gold on websites such as Probemas for some real money.

If combat is not your preferred style of gameplay in Runescape. There are many noncombat skills that you can choose from. Mining is a very good option for players because of its zero risk and decently rewarding outcome. Compared with fighting monsters, you must be paying attention to the screen a lot and are at risk of dying.

Mining however is a safe skill in which you can easily train without the worry of dying or losing your items. There is even good money to be made while training the skill. For example, at the higher levels, you are able to mine “Runite ore” which can provide a player around 1 million Runescape gold per hour.

Final Thoughts

Runescape can even just be a place for a person to socialize and meet new people.

There are hundreds of clans that are dedicated to just talking with other people and simply engaging in conversation. There are also clan chats solely for your interests in Runescape.

For example, there are skilling clan chats, bossing clan chats. There are even clan chats based around the different Iron man modes. It brings a sense and a vibe of community within Runescape which is the biggest aspect of this game. But ultimately, Runescape is not a fixed storyline and does not have only one objective. You make out yourself what you as an individual want to achieve in this game.

Money, skills, socializing, whatever. It is all down to you.