The Giant Dwarf Old School Runescape

He’ll tell you to get a number of ores and bring them back within a certain amount of time. You may accept or decline jobs if you don’t have the ores, but you can only have 1 job at a time. You should only focus on completing tasks for 1 company, as you’ll need to complete around 7-8 jobs before you may talk to the Director.
You won’t recall any one of what had happened, but your instincts will tell you to go to the Laughing Miner in east Keldagrim pub and have a beer and kebab. As soon as you’ve made it into the library, look for the first bookcases nearest to you, after that you have to search the 3 crates with some paper onto it.
OSRS Quest The Giant Dwarf
Veldaban, the Commander of the Dwarven Black Guard at Keldagrim, needs you to look into the case and find out if the Red Axe is planning anything bad. The issue is, the only lead he’s got is an extremely drunk and kebab obsessed dwarf. Live pricing information is provided by players utilizing both RuneLite and OSBuddy clients.
Before you enter the city you’ll hit on the statue of the Dwarven King and you’ll be’detained’ from Veldaban. Speak to your business director and mention what an honour this is. He will Discuss the Consortium, the Trade Octagon at the Middle and the statue. They decided that replacing the face of the statue with the face of a Consortium member proved to be a fantastic idea.
His great-great grandfather found the axe downstream of the river Kelda. It’s in very poor state and the sapphires once mounted at the hilt have dropped out long past. He mentions that it can’t be mended as only the Imcando dwarves have the knowledge to fix the blade.
As soon as you have completed the jobs for the manager, ask to join the corporation. Learn more about here. Then state that Blasidar delivered you and that you would encourage him and then when he asks, volunteer to support the manager at the next Consortium meeting. You’ll get a message telling you to return to Commander Veldaban who will take you to the assembly. Go back to the headquarters west of the Keldagrim lender, you may support the director and get some Meeting notes as well as your benefit. If you want to skip this cutscene, You can just click on the floor whilst at the meeting. Clicking on the floor will cause the screen to black out and you will be awarded the benefits for finishing the quest.
He lets you know that the Consortium hired him to reconstruct the statue. However, dwarves aren’t good painters and he’s no pictures of what the King seemed like long ago. He wants you to get him the most exquisite boots you’ll be able to find, clothing that look like King Alvis’ clothes along with a battleaxe. After completing five tasks, the secretary informs you that the director wants to talk with you.

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