RuneScape 3 Money Making Ways

making money in rs3

Everything in life starts small. Once you get out of the Tutorial Island, you will experience the real Gielinor and start fending off for yourself. You already know the basic RuneScape skills, now, it’s time for you to level up your RS skills and be one of the best in your chosen path.

So how do you start making more money in RS3?

Cleaning Herbs

Cleaning herbs is a great money-making method throughout the whole game. You just need to determine whether grimy herbs are cheaper than clean ones and start selling them in the open market.

Note that this method becomes extremely profitable once you reach level 99 Herblore with your very own Herblore skill cape equipped. Herblore skill cape unlocks a lot of things and you should find this OSRS item very useful.

Remember that higher-level herbs do not equate to more profit every time, it’s best for you to check prices carefully and not put all your eggs in one basket.

You should be on the lookout for the prices of Green and Blue dragonhides on the Grand Exchange. You are going to tan these hides into pieces of respective dragon leather, so make sure to check leather prices and see if tanning can still be a good way to make more RuneScape gold and if you can trade it in the Grand Exchange.

You should be earning no less than 200 RS GP per hide tanned. For this method to work best, you need to get a portable crafter near a bank or bank chest, make a preset with twenty-eight tan hides and start loading them. You must be patient in doing this boring and repetitive task

One crafter can be used by multiple RS players – so don’t free afraid to share it with them.

And if you need some starting capital – you can buy RS Gold from reputable sites. In some cases, you have to have money to make money.

Herb Runs

Nowadays, everyone is going everywhere and we do not get enough time to enjoy the simple RS things.

Making money from herb runs is a great alternative: you only need to do this from time to time, so that leaves you with more extra time to do the things you enjoy doing in Gielinor.

You just need to start planting the herbs that catch the best price at your Farming level on every herb patch that’s available to you and then come back after some time to collect your harvest and plant brand new herbs.

Abyssal Demons

We’re getting to more exciting ways to make more money. To be able to kill Abyssal demons in Runescape you will need to have a level 85 Slayer. They are very easy to take down. All you need is some good old decent gear, Vampirism, or Penance aura if you don’t have Soul Split.

You just need some Aggression potions and Prayer potions and you should be able to make money killing demons in Gielinor.

We hope that our guide will help you fill your bank with a lot of gold.

If it indeed it helped, then you can start making real money out of playing Runescape by simply selling your earned RS gold.