Osrs Kreearra Guide

Be sure you have 10 grain, 5 raw poultry, 1 log and the filthy robes with you. Give him the items and he’ll tell you you’ll need a Troll Truth Potion, as the trolls could lie concerning the goutweed. You’ll need a dried, floor Troll Thistle, a Ranarr Weed and a water-filled vial. ) or a slayer ring to teleport into the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon and follow the north-east passage into the climbable stones, then open the door to the north and you will be directly south of the jail cells.
When asking Mad Eadgar the best way to produce the parrot”Taste like a human,” he uses the common catchphrase”Everything tastes like chicken” . This reference may also be found in the text that follows from ingesting a stuffed snake in the Recipe for Disaster subquest. This article on a quest has an associated dialogue page. You will keep doing so until you finally get the goutweed.
2Ask general questions.1Have you any more work for me, to help recover the circle? Use one of these routes for to Mad Eadgar’s Cave. Using fairy rings as well as the eastern agility menus result in the shortest travel time. Give the Goutweed to Sanfew back in Taverley to finish the quest.

  • Grab the pineapple and vodka from the Heckel Funch on the second ground, eastern wing of the Grand Tree.
  • Enter the Arena (Dad won’t strike you like last time) and then go through the north-west doorway, then west a bit to the cave Entrance.
  • I suggest getting all the items you need before starting the quest.

If one of them sees you, he will knock you out and you will wake up just outside the storeroom. Learn more about Herblore Training OSRS Guide here. You can follow directly behind the trolls or directly alongside them and you aren’t going to get hit. Sometimes while running through guards, if you are one square or so away, they will not notice you, particularly at the door. The only way for them to kick you out is if they face you. If you can avoid doing so you will be able to get the goutweed.
He lets you know that the Trolls know where the herb is, so head north into the Troll Stronghold. In the event that you had finished the Druidic Ritual quest ahead of the update, you’ll find a warning when trying to give the goutweed to Sanfew, rather than before starting the quest. During the part when you sneak around the Troll Storeroom for your Goutweed, the trolls say”!” When they spot you that might be a reference to the Metal Gear Solid series when a guard spots Snake. Another means to fast achieve the goutweed would be to operate along the northern wall following the shield turns out the northeast corner.
Eadgar's Ruse OSRS Quest
You will now have pineapple chunks in your stock. Utilize the pineapple chunks on the jar of vodka you purchased at the start of the quest. And go through the Cave Entrance, around to the otherside and exit the cave. Head south to the Arena, then west, then south until you reach Tenzing’s house. From here you need to be able to head out to Taverley.

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