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OSRS Fight Caves Guide For Beginners

Many players think the TzHaar Fight Cave is one of Runescape’s most challenging mini-games, so much that it can even be called a “hard mode.” But with our helpful guide to get you ready for this fight, now no challenge will stand in your way!

What is the TzHaar Fight Cave?

The TzHaar Fight Cave is one of the most challenging minigames in OSRS. To beat it, you’ll need to be well-prepared and have decent equipment and combat skills – not a bad idea is given that there are waves upon waves for players to tackle! Make sure never to log out manually; this will mean repeating any wave where you might’ve logged out during fighting in these caves.

Jad is a fearsome boss that requires plenty of patience and skill to defeat. In order for players to have any chance against him, they will need an arsenal full of potions in addition to high Ranged levels so as not succumb the wastes around them while fighting Jad. Even if you are one who has completed this task many times before, it can still take up hours more time than normal when your stats are low due to lack of experience with combat or Prayer protection at lower ranks.

How To Defeat Jad

The Ranged approach to the Tzhaar Fight Cave is a more strategic and safe way of fighting, requiring you to use your ammo wisely. The reason it’s so important for this particular activity, in particular, relies on the fact that there are waves of monsters within one area with no break between them. This would make melee combat difficult due to running out or over-leveling resources quickly, whereas ranged allows you to conserve supplies by taking less damage from enemies at far range while still being able to attack back effectively.

As far as your stats are concerned, you should consider reaching at least 75 Ranged for this. It is also suggested that you have 60 Prayer and 70 Defence – or more if possible. There’s a number of weapons to choose from: the Dragon Halberd (or any other melee weapon) combined with a ranged method; Gunthan’s equipment coupled with wielding it like an axe-wielding warrior would do against enemies who get too close; Toxic Blowpipe (high attack speed, venom can dish out extra damage).

The Warspear is a weapon that can heal you for the same amount of damage as it inflicts, but in order to do so, one must take Infestation set pieces. The upside? You will be able to conserve your potions by using this method because with two-handed weapons like Hammers and Axes you won’t have room for a shield which means more inventory slots available! There are some drawbacks though: Because of its combat style being 2 handed (meaning no use for shields), it takes up 4 inventory spots.

The good news about Jad is that he has a number of tells before his attacks, which will alert the player as to which correct protection prayer to use. For example, when Jad is about to attack with Magic you can see him stand up on hind legs or cracks beginning to appear after monsters start spawning from holes in the ground.

This should be enough for you to strategize and defeat Jad once and for all.

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