Dragon Slayer Quest Guide For Beginners

Dragon Slayer Quest Overview

The powerful rune platebody is only for true heroes. To prove your worth, you’ll need to kill Elvarg the mighty dragon of Crandor Island. It won’t be an easy task and it will take brains, brawns as well as a little bit of luck!

Be sure to get some needed OSRS gold before proceeding to this quest.

Dragon Slayer Quest Guide

  1. Talk to the Champions’ Guild Master and he’ll tell you about Oziach. You can find him just north of Varrock, south-west from his house is a bridge leading west into Edgeville where there are some shady looking types hanging around who will sell rune plate armour if need be.
  2. If you want to score a Rune platebody, talk to Oziach and ask him about the dragon that guards it. He will tell you that defeating Elvarg is not easy but offers some tips on how best prepare for this daunting task.
  3. Head back to the Champions’ Guild and talk to the master again. He will tell you that your next step is obtaining three pieces of a map for Crandor, but before you leave ask him about anything else he has available. You’ll get a maze key from him as well.
  4. To get the first map piece, you’ll need to head south of the Crafting Guild. There’s a place called Melzar’s Maze with lots of zombie rats waiting for tasty adventurers like yourself. Once inside this maze, use your key on any door that has been locked and keep killing until you find a Red Key.
  5. Seek out the ghosts that wear a hood and no cape. When you find them, slay until they drop an Orange key! Then use it to open up the second door from eastward on your way up the ladder.
  6. Kill the skeletons holding round shields until you get a yellow key. Use it on the mostsouthwestern door and race down ladders to fight zombies in an underground crypt.
  7. After entering the room, quickly dispatch of all zombies before they can spawn. Kill any stragglers that appear. Once you have a Blue Key in your inventory, head to the northwest door and use it to unlock this passage way into Melzar’s lair! In order for him not to notice our intrusion–strike first by using magic on his fireball spells or shield yourself from them while charging with melee attacks as he charges towards you dealing powerful blows against armor-clad players.
  8. To obtain the second map piece, go to the Oracle located above the Dwarven Mines on Ice mountain with your Silk, Wizard’s mind bomb, Unfired bowl and Lobster pot. She’ll tell you about a door in the mines. Go down to the mines and the door is near the northeast part of the mine. Use the Wizard’s mind bomb, Silk, Lobster pot and Unfired bowl on the door to open it. Check the chest in the room and you’ll get a Map piece.

For the full guide, you can check this video.

Recommended Skill Levels For Dragon Slayer Quest

  • Level 33 Magic
  • Level 37 Prayer

Recommended Items For Dragon Slayer Quest

  • 2,000 coins
  • A wizard’s mind bomb
  • A piece of silk
  • An unfired bowl
  • A lobster pot
  • A magic/ranged weapon, a law and air rune
  • A hammer
  • An anti-dragon shield
  • 90 steel nails
  • 3 planks
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