Desert Treasure osrs guide

Desert Treasure OSRS Quest Guide

I heard you’ve been on many journeys throughout Gielinor? Well, if that’s true and you’re someone who enjoys quests with boss fights then I have the perfect opportunity for you! OSRS Desert Treasure is a quest where players are hunting after popular spells. That means tons of magic-based combat as well as plenty of rewards to be found along your way there too! So what do we recommend before embarking upon this adventure in RuneScape?

Make sure not only to bring some friends because it will help make things easier but also don’t forget about carrying lots of potions or food supplies just in case something goes wrong during all those battles ahead. If you don’t have the budget, feel free to get some OSRS gold first. Now get out there and enjoy yourself exploring new lands while fighting against various monsters.

What Is Desert Treasure Quest?

Desert Treasure is one of RuneScape’s most well-known quests, and many player killers complete it for the reward of a powerful Ice Barrage spell.

The bosses are difficult to defeat so players should read through each section before facing them, in order to understand their fight mechanics better. Each boss has its own unique fighting style which requires certain combat skills that favour specific magic spells.

Pures who don’t want Hitpoints experience will be happy because they can get rid of all those pesky Hp points by using cannons on any bosses you find yourself unable but there may need 500 or more cannonballs depending on what level your character is at.

OSRS Desert Treasure Requirements

Don’t worry if you’re not a master of the desert. You’ll be fine as long as your stats are decent and you have some experience with combat in Old School RuneScape!

You should have 70 Magic, Attack and Prayer stats to be on the safe side. However, with around level 60-65 in those three areas you’ll still do just fine. But at least make sure your prayers are over 15 for total safety.

How do you complete Desert Treasure in OSRS?

  1. After travelling south of Al-Kharid and then west, talk to the archaeologist near the small water pool at Bedabin Camp. He will give you some etchings from a site he is excavating that are in need of translation by an expert like Terry Balando who resides just east of Varrock on Digsite Road. Once there, speak with him about these newly obtained pieces for information found only after excavation.
  2. Travel to the Digsite east of Varrock and talk with an expert in ancient languages who will decipher any etchings. Speak again to get a translation for your archaeologist friend.
  3. There’s an archaeologist in the desert. When you meet him, don’t read his book or talk to him again and he’ll agree to help you find a rare artifact!
  4. Go south to the Bandit Camp. Before entering, remove any equipment that depicts Saradomin or Zamorak imagery because bandits will be aggressive and won’t talk with you otherwise. Talk to the bartender then buy a drink for 650 coins at which point he’ll tell you about four Diamonds of Azzanadra hidden in an old temple north of town; but before talking to Eblis, make sure all your armor is free from symbols.
  5. Talk to Eblis and he’ll tell you how to create scrying glasses and the way forward as long as you have these items: 12 magic logs, 6 molten glass, 6 steel bars, 1 ash, 1 Blood rune, 1 bone, 1 charcoal, and 28 spaces.
  6. If you’re missing any of the required items, go back to your bank and withdraw them. When you are ready for Eblis’s task simply head over and place all necessary items in his inventory before going back to him.
  7. After giving him the items, Eblis will disappear and reappear on top of a hill to the southeast. He is surrounded by six mirrors that show you locations related to your diamonds; players are not required to do this but doing so may enhance their quest experience.
  8. The Bedabin Camp is a location you visited and the Jaldraocht Pyramid itself, which can only be accessed by acquiring diamonds. Talk to Eblis again if you want an explanation of how each mirror reflects where the diamond has been at one point in time. One shows locations that are entirely different from these two such as The Shantay Pass.

How long does it take to complete Desert Treasure?

This is a quest that has given many players goosebumps, and now you get to experience it for yourself. The dungeons are challenging but not impossible as long as you have the right equipment before going in – which isn’t hard to acquire anyway! This famous OSRS quest will take about 4-6 hours on average, though well-prepared player might finish within 2 or 3 depending what they’re prepared with beforehand.

Final Thoughts

So now you should have a few burning questions about the Desert Treasure OSRS answered. You will also know what level you need to be, items needed and just what is expected from the quest itself. It’s one of RuneScape’s more popular quests so we’re hoping this simple guide of ours has been helpful to you.

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